May 30, 2012

The Sketchbook Project

{Image source: Irena Zablotska via Behance}

I have heard of this mobile art project before, but recently came across it again. I went on their site and read a little more about it and I am seriously considering participating. It is called The Sketchbook Project. What an amazing creative prospect, a blank sketchbook, almost limitless applications, and it gets incorporated into an amazing group of traveling books for the country to see. Check it out here and sign up, you don't even have to be an "artist," after all we are all artists in our own way, right? You can also become a member of The Art House Co-op and browse this year's collection. How awesome is the sketch above by the way?! It is by an artist named Irena Zablotska and she has some amazing stuff up on Behance and her own site as well. You can also see me over at Rena Tom's blog today, check it out for a fun creative process challenge.

1 comment:

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