March 14, 2011

Cake Pop Adventure

My first time making cake pops. Owls in case you can't tell. Or, some Star Wars creature if you are Will. Monkeys if you are Makena. I found a great video from Bakerella if you are interested in attempting them yourself. She gives you all of the basic steps, the rest is up to your imagination. I don't think I will ever make them again since they are so time consuming. I think the first five were fun and then two and half hours later I was over it. I am glad that they were enjoyed.

The pictures were taken at around midnight so that is why they are terrible looking! I used a trader joe's cake mix and chocolate chips for the ears. The eyes were from a candy necklace and the nose and feet are sprinkle decorations.

Photos by Monkey & The Whale

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  1. I will gladly make your next round of cake pops for you! I made cake balls a couple months ago and was so proud of them! I really want to try funfetti cake with white chocolate on the outside. I think it would me super delicious! Or strawberry cake with dark chocolate outside... rolled in nuts... oh the possibilities are endless! :-)